Building a Stronger Community


Who are Hearts of Durham?

Hearts of Durham is a unique volunteer group made up of individuals who want to support and reinvest in their community.  Members include local mothers, fathers and professionals.

Why was Hearts of Durham created?

The goal of Hearts of Durham is to support one community initiative each year based on outlining needs within the region.  It is the vision of Hearts of Durham that by working with and supporting local resources, all of our families will benefit by living, working and playing in a stronger community.  Our group believes by supporting these initiatives in our community – we can make a difference.

What is the impact of Hearts of Durham?

Hearts of Durham was established in 2005 and since that time has raised over $720,000 as a result of it's highly successful events.  Guests who have attended our events have been impressed by the degree of professionalism, organization and fun attributed to a Hearts of Durham Event.  Andrea Shaw, Executive Director of Hearth Place who Hearts of Durham supported in 2007, simply stated “The energy and commitment of the members of the committee to make a contribution to the community in which you live, enriches all of our lives and we are indebted to you.”

Hearts of Durham believe that community members who work together for a common good, nurture and sustain a stronger community.

Does Hearts of Durham disperse any funding?

Hearts of Durham is strictly an informal group comprised of local volunteers.  We do not have a bank account nor do we directly manage our funds.  We work directly with the charitable organization.  The charity approves our marketing plan and budget and more importantly proceeds go directly to that organization so that charitable receipts can be produced.