Building a Stronger Community

2010/2011- Ontario Shores

OSFoundation_POS_3C_RGB.jpgOntario Shores Foundation for Mental Health is an independently incorporated charity whose purpose is to raise funds in support of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (formerly Whitby Mental Health Centre) and its partners who provide services and support to OntarioShores’ patients and their families. High priorities for funding are innovative care initiatives, education, research, mental illness awareness and mental health promotion programs, and capital needs.

Our Goal

Awareness of the devastation that mental illness and addiction causes individuals, their families and society is growing across Canada.  But there is still much to be done to:

  • reduce the stigma of mental illness and addiction
  • open up the way for earlier diagnosis, easier access to treatment and better support for the journey of recovery.



Ontario Shores Foundation’s goal is to provide the financial resources that will bring these important programs to everyone who needs them.