Building a Stronger Community

2007/2008 - Herizon House

herizon_h_CMYK1.jpgHerizon House is a shelter for abused women and their children. The shelter is located in Ajax, Ontario, and serves the Durham and Clarington regions. The organization is able to offer free confidential services 24 hours a day and provide a place of safety, support, and empowerment for abused women and their children. Herizon House is committed to ending the cycle of abuse and violence in our community. Catherine Carney-White, Executive Director of Herizon House stated “As with all non-profits, Herizon House struggles every year to raise funds to ensure that women and children receive not only services but that we can help them in a practical way to start over.

Over the years I have often engaged in wishful thinking along the lines of wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone in our community came forward and said they would hold a fundraiser, do all of the hard work of getting donations, securing sponsors and make sure that the event is absolutely amazing! Well, wishes and dreams do come true. My wish was granted and the Hearts of Durham were our fairy godmothers.

They did all of the above and much more.” On April 12, 2008, Hearts of Durham presented Herizon House with a cheque for $58,000 Herizon House used these monies to help open “New Starts from the Hearts”, a gently used goods store. Herizon House and their Board of Directors continues to work with Hearts of Durham and we are proud to be community partners.



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