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Does Durham Have A Big Heart

Does Durham Have A Big Heart?
(February 2008 Issue of SNAP Whitby)
Recently, I came across an article about the increase in philanthropy by
Torontonians. The article stated that attending fundraising events and giving
money to worthy causes is trendier than ever. Not only that, but businesses are
benefiting with extra promotions and enhanced community reputations by giving
generously. The articles stated that Toronto is a sophisticated city and that
people in Toronto get it.
Do we, in Durham, get it? Are Durham residents keeping up with our trendy,
philanthropical neighbors of the big city?
Durham has seen a rise in top-notch fundraising events over the past few years.
Dinners, dances, auctions, and wine tasting have been offered up as fundraising
events for various charities across the region. And Durham residents have been
giving generously.
Businesses in Durham have been helping out as well. Fundraising organizers
rely on local businesses to sponsor events and help cover basic costs of running
an event such as hall rentals, audio/visual needs, and entertainment.
Businesses also provide prizes and auction items in return for recognition and
promotion by event organizers.
Fundraising events are really a win-win situation for everyone. Business donors
earn good reputations as being community-minded contributors, Guests get a
chance to have a night out, maybe try something different, purchase a dream
item, and walk away with a feel good attitude. Volunteers and fundraisers gain
the feeling of success and the experience to move on to their next event. And
the charity, of course, benefits from much needed funds.
So, does Durham have a big heart?? The seven Brooklin women of Hearts of
Durham are counting on it. And so is Herizon House, the abused women’s
shelter in Ajax. On Saturday April 12th, in support of Herizon House, Hearts of
Durham is hosting the 2008 Jacks & Jokers Benefit at Deer Creek Golf &
Banquet Facility. Tickets are on sale now and Hearts of Durham is accepting
donations for it’s live and silent auctions, prizes and on-site fundraising. Visit
their website at